NUMBER 33: And we'll have the scars to prove it
Promise of a lifetime
As promised, here's the multifandom post. I don't even know how I got over 250 icons. Sleep? What is sleep?
Enjoy? :)

■ Doctor Who ■ 52x
■ Gareth David-Lloyd ■ 58x
■ No.6 ■ 56x (spoilers)
■ Soukyuu no Fafner ■ 12x (spoilers)
■ Tiger and Bunny ■ 23x (spoilers)
■ X-Men: First Class ■ 34x (spoilers)
■ Misc. (Digimon, Get Backers, Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, One Piece, Ouran (live action), Saiyuki, X) ■ 22x
total - 257 icons

Painted in flames, all peeling thunder, be the lightning in me, that strikes relentlessCollapse )

NUMBER 32: This is our secret spell
You're my destiny
Don't you just love new shiny fandoms? I've discovered No.6 two weeks ago, and I'm already pretty much head over heels in love. It's a sci-fi (always a plus to me), it has an intriguing plot, and don't let me start on Nezumi and Shion. I haven't been fangirling two characters this much (both separately and as a pairing) since Uraboku's Hotsuma and Shusei.
Also, expect a second (multifandom) icon batch soon-ish...

■ No.6 ■ 122x

Not bothered by gains and losses, having no desires, uncalculated, without sacrificing, just living for each otherCollapse )

NUMBER 31: Lift your hands toward the sun
The second and much bigger part - seriously, I don't even remember making so many. Must be because I'm always half-asleep, when I get to the computer. Either way, hope you enjoy them ♥.
(And I sincerely apologize for spamming this comm so much!)

■ Alles was zählt ■ 16x
■ Animals ■ 10x
■ Doctor Who ■ 48x
■ due South ■ 32x
■ Sherlock ■ 12x
■ Starsky and Hutch ■ 16x
■ Xena: The Warrior Princess ■ 16x
■ Yasha ■ 22x
total - 172

"Big flashy lighty things have got me written all over them. Well, not actually, but give me time. And a crayon."Collapse )

NUMBER 30: Walk within my poetry, this dying music
You're my light
Hii~ you lovely people <3. I bring you some icons - in a two part post, cause I made too many. Pffft, livejournal and their limits. This is the anime/manga/game part, the other will be live action shows (I'll post it probably a bit later, maybe tomorrow).
Also, please excuse the shining...ness of the icons. Apparently I love it a bit too much.

■ Hetalia ■ 20x
■ Kuroshitsuji ■ 15x
■ Pokémon ■ 12x
■ Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru ■ 12x
■ Others ■ (One Piece, Durarara!!, Night Head Genesis, Phoenix Wright, Soukyuu no Fafner, Sailor Moon, Vassalord, Saiyuki Gaiden) ■ 11x
total - 70 icons

We embrace our dreamsCollapse )

Requests! Hastiest requests ever put (can't you tell by this marvelous gif?!), but shoot away—
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE what is this, you guys:


3 images each: only merigo watchers, flist gets infinity icons
icons only, reference if needed
reservers: please make sure to owl your images ♡


NUMBER 29: just chillin'
*sneaks in like she haven't been gone since God knows when*-- HELLO :D So I got back to iconing real people and football the other day. After cutting the total in half and cursing my blind self for hours and hours (and after countless power-ups in the form of chai masala cups), I actually made this post. I give each one of you a cup (it's not that spicy, really) and wish you a goodnight/good one, whatever time it is over there ♥

47 ► tvxq
10 ► beast
10 ► super junior m
30 ► football
»total 97

i'm healingCollapse )

NUMBER 28: The Newbie
Life-throb of ages dancing in my blood
Hello and nice to meet you all! I'd like to thank levels again SO much for letting me be a part of her amazing graphics comm, and I hope I won't disappoint you guys with my nonexistent iconning/coloring skills. /hides

■ Himitsu - Top Secret ■ 44x
■ One Piece ■ 18x
■ Soukyuu no Fafner ■ 55x
■ Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru ■ 16x
■ Others ■ (Sengoku Basara, Hetalia) ■ 8x
total - 141


šI will choose to exist, in order to meet you once again.Collapse )

NUMBER ٢٧: the marching
Hope everyone's doing well on this fine day (oh so fine, over here, where it's the middle of winter and the sun is rolling around in the sky). I bring the second Beelzebub episode (can it be Toujou's time now?), plus Aitsu and A Mihashi Face— i-it is an odd mixture. There was some Super Lovers, too, but they were few and random... sorry about that. And, well, I HAVE AN EARLY SIESTA TO TAKE BRB ♥♥

35 ► beelzebub
29 ► aitsu no daihonmei
07 ► oofuri
71 » total

of the scar-faced boyCollapse )

NUMBER ٢٦: episode one launch!
Good afternoon, comm ♥ Is there a Beelzebub comm? I wanted to start one when it was just 20 chapters in, but I was scared I'd jinx it by doing so, even when its rankings went high and now that the rankings have stabilised. Kinda. BUT IDEK ANYMORE, so -- is there?

70 ► Beelzebub

a baby zoro and a sanji for a nanny.Collapse )

55 ► one piece
50 ► oofuri (episode 12.5)
17 ► 15 meisetsu kougyou koukou rugby bu
07 ► usagi otoko tora otoko
129 » total

go in search of that lost treasure!Collapse )


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